Quality Policy

Drik ICT believes in the significance of client satisfaction, process based management and a culture of progressive development within the company.

For sustainable success in the sector, the quality policy of Drik ICT will:
  • Utilize its wide experienceand expertise to provide the most appropriate solutions to clients, through consultative assessment of their needs, demands and capacity.
  • Conform to every valid standard within the context of a project at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions, country’s legal arrangements/laws, other compulsory standards and to all ethical rules.
  • Utilize modern and valid techniques, material and management systems, and to maintain the sustainable development in every area.
  • Carry out adequate research and development in its chosen fields of activities so that its solutions, products and services are subject to a continuous process of innovation and improvement aimed at satisfying customers’ current and future needs.
  • Transfer successively company corporate culture and values to its employees.
  • Recognize company employees as its most valuable assetand contribute to their technical and self development through a continuous learning environment: the provision of social security; maintaining a work environment where team spirit, collective leadership, creativity, innovation, honesty, personal integrity will be a culture.
  • create permanent relations with subcontractors, suppliers and project partners based on good intentions and trust, and accordingly to contribute also to their progress within the sector.