Having a skilled and dedicated team has also helped us streamline our own organization. Online meetings, remote monitoring of projects and staff activity, and collaborative projects with a geographically scattered team would have been impossible without our IT expertise. Providing wired and wireless connectivity, we offer trouble-shooting services, set up list servers and extranets and also offer IT training. We use open source software, and have a nonhierarchical management structure. Our mailing list with over 22,000 subscribers forms a wider community that is held together by our technological team.
Initially Drik ICT established their services officially as an Offline Internet service provider by the year 1994. With a continuation again acquired a new licence for Internet Service Provider from BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) in July, 2002 in the name of Drik Alokchitra Granthagar Ltd. and within a short time very successfully delivered their services and managed to build-up an appriciable client base.

Drik ICT established and commenced operations as an Offline Internet service provider.


The company extended its services commercially from February 1994.


Commenced operations as an Internet Service Provider registered with the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in the name of Drik Alokchitra Granthagar Ltd.


The license upgraded by BTRC enabling Drik ICT to provide both Internet and Data communication services nationwide.