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Drik ICT History Drik ICT History

Drik ICT established and commenced operations as an Offline Internet service provider.
The company extended its services commercially from February 1994.

Commenced operations as an Internet Service Provider registered with the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) in the name of Drik Alokchitra Granthagar Ltd.

The license upgraded by BTRC enabling Drik ICT to provide both Internet and Data communication services nationwide.


Mission & Vision Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Our mission is to empower Smart Bangladesh through cutting-edge technology, internet and data connectivity solutions. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and innovation to build a digitally connected and sustainable future. We strive to enhance the lives of citizens, enable efficient governance, and foster economic growth around the country.

Our Vision
By harnessing the power of connectivity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, we aim to create intelligent environments that optimize resource management, improve quality of life, and drive sustainable development. We envision a future where Smart Bangladesh thrives through our transformative solutions, paving the way for a smarter lifestyle.


Our Infrastructure Our Infrastructure

Drik ICT’s Network operations are currently located at key Dhaka city points such as Gulshan, Banani, Motijheel, Uttara, Moghbazar, with its. State-of-the-art Data Center located at Dhanmondi.

The immediate goal for Drik ICT Ltd. to reach all six Divisions within the next quarter of 2011. This will be increased gradually to extend the Network within the country:

• Data Center (DC) = 01
• Disaster Recovery (DR) = 01
• Core PoP = 15
• Access / Distribution PoP = 80

Each of these PoP will be facilitate with:
• 2 to 3 layer of backbone redundancy
• 2 to 3 layer of Power backup
• Hardware redundancy
• Decentralized Human resource management


Certified Professionals Certified Professionals


Quality Policy Quality Policy

Drik ICT believes in the significance of client satisfaction, process based management and a culture of progressive development within the company.

For sustainable success in the sector, the quality policy of Drik ICT will:

  1. utilize its wide experienceand expertise to provide the most appropriate solutions to clients, through consultative assessment of their needs, demands and capacity.
  2. conform to every valid standard within the context of a project at the maximum level; contract agreement conditions, country’s legal arrangements/laws, other compulsory standards and to all ethical rules.
  3. utilize modern and valid techniques, material and management systems, and to maintain the sustainable development in every area.
  4. carry out adequate research and development in its chosen fields of activities so that its solutions, products and services are subject to a continuous process of innovation and improvement aimed at satisfying customers’ current and future needs.
  5. transfer successively company corporate culture and values to its employees.
  6. recognize company employees as its most valuable assetand contribute to their technical and self development through a continuous learning environment: the provision of social security; maintaining a work environment where team spirit, collective leadership, creativity, innovation, honesty, personal integrity will be a culture.
  7. create permanent relations with subcontractors, suppliers and project partners based on good intentions and trust, and accordingly to contribute also to their progress within the sector.

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