Drik ICT

Communication Solution

Data Connectivity (L2 & L3) Data Connectivity (L2 & L3)

The data connectivity is provided with two different segments: Layer 3 Connectivity and Layer 2 Connectivity. Apart from these a dedicated Fiber lease line (Duct Fiber) is provided to meet the requirements of a few clients. These services are provided with an underground cable through NTTN operators and our own overhead Fiber cable is also used whenever applicable.
• An IP/MPLS data communication point-to-point and point-to-multi point facilitating with Layer-2/Layer-3 VPN or IP-SEC VPN is used for nationwide and overseas links.

• Highly secured and protocol independent TDM based point-to-point and point-to-multi point data circuits and leased lines for corporate clients within the country and through IPLC to overseas links over a robust fiber optic underground backbone with an auto-redundancy path facility.

• Carrier Ethernet Solution with higher data bandwidth (10 Mbps to higher).


Internet Internet

This is the most popular service that is now an essential requirement for any individual or organization to stay connected with the World. The upstream providers of Internet service are BTCL and Mango with a ratio of 40% and 60% respectively of our total Internet bandwidth pool. These providers (BTCL and Mango) are ensuring redundant link for our Internet Pool. The Internet bandwidth distribution starts from dedicated 128 Kbps onwards.


Video Streaming Video Streaming

Drik ICT services have the capability to broadcast an event from any corner of the country to the world where a global audience can watch
an event in Bangladesh live via HTTP links. A dedicated cable implementation along with server space is required to record and upload the information to the Net.


IP Telephone Service Provider (IPTSP) IP Telephone Service Provider (IPTSP)

Drik ICT is in the process of acquiring a license for IPTSP from BTRC. However, we are now able to make prior network data connectivity of respective organizations with our cloud to maintain a bridge in-between the IPTSP and the Data center of respective clients. Once acquired the IPTSP license
will enable us to ensure a smooth services to our clients.


Network Integration Network Integration

Drik ICT provides solutions for managing multiple networks to interact with each other under the roof of a MPLS enabled network. This feature is especially ideal for financial institutes, multinational companies and a few clients that have setup wide networks. In a few instances we meet clients’requests to introduce an extra Layer of security over a MPLS Network by adding an IPSec VPN for Network Integration. This can be national or a global arrangement as well as across the globe.


Managed Service and Cloud Computing Managed Service and Cloud Computing


Security Solution Security Solution

Drik ICT provides hardware and network security by implementing IP Camera, FingerTek, etc.