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Drik TV

While there has been a dramatic rise in the number of television stations in Bangladesh, the nature of such entities involves huge investment of capital and large bureaucracies. As such these organizations are controlled either by state or corporate interest.

The advent of new media has created opportunities for leaner, faster moving, on-the-fly reporting that has its finger on the pulse on the key issues that concern the public. Not dependent on advertising revenues and free of the inertia of big budgets, these entities are able to reflect the aspirations of the person on the street, like no previous technology could.

Drik has always played a pioneering role having initiated the nation’s first picture library, web portal, school of photography, email network and media academy. Mobile phones are the folk media of the future and DrikTV takes innovation to a new step by providing content especially designed for the person on the street.

Relevant, topical, entertaining and accurate, DrikTV will be broadcasting content that current TV is incapable of covering, or is afraid to broach. It is people’s media in the truest sense of the word. Read more >>

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